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How to Write an Expository Essay

How to Write an Expository Essay

Expository essays are those that obliges students or essay writers to examine an idea, together with all the evidences that support such idea. Upon investigation and careful scrutiny, the student or writer shall then create his or her own argument relating to such idea. This may sound a little difficult to accomplish, but the truth is, it’s not if you know how to write one. Thus, we compiled some guidelines that can help you in writing an expository essay.

  1. Choose a topic and formulate a thesis statement.

Like any other normal essay, you need to select a topic that is not too broad, but not too narrow. This is so that it won’t be too hard for you to manage your thoughts and arguments in one clear and concise piece. Make sure that your thesis statement will cover all the arguments you point out. Don’t make it too long, but don’t make it too short. One to two sentences will do so long as it can represent the idea of the whole essay.

  1. Choose a method to develop your arguments.

In developing your arguments, you need to have a method that will help you lay them down in the most organized way. Some of the strategies you can use are: explaining definitions, citing examples, comparing and contrasting contradicting topics, stating causes and effects, and laying down appropriate processes and procedures.

  1. Organize your essay by making an outline.

To be able to write properly without having to clog your mind with so many thoughts, create an outline in accordance with your thesis statement. Actually, you can create an outline first and then a thesis statement. Just make sure that the two are interrelated to each other. This won’t help you not deviate from the main arguments.

  1. Start to write and then revise after.

When you finally start writing, make sure that all parts are complete: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Follow your outline since after all, you made it to be able to organize your writing properly. Once you’re done, proofread your essay and make necessary revisions if there’s any.

It’s simple and easy. Don’t be too stressed about how it should be written thinking that it’s difficult. Follow the guidelines above and you’ll surely be able to come up with a good one.

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