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How to Start an Argumentative Essay

How to Start an Argumentative Essay

Choice of an argumentative topic

Starting an argumentative essay, one needs to find a suitable topic. It would not be logical to choose a topic that is not argumentative. For example, if you choose to talk about nature in a descriptive way, chances are you will not be able to develop a line of argumentation. Yet, focusing on controversial themes makes you able to expand upon arguments. The debatable nature of topics is what makes them prone to heated debates and various opinions. One could opt for topics such as alcoholism, sexual abuse, child exploitation, and capital punishment, which make good examples of argumentative topics. The choice of the right topic allows you to develop an effective essay.

Strategic planning

Gathering ideas while brainstorming is an essential practice. However, all of the collected pieces of information have to be organized in the form of a structured outline that comprises the main arguments. Each argument should be defined, clarified, and analyzed appropriately in paragraphs. The clarification of the main points could only be done through supporting evidence which could be illustrative examples based on personal observation, statistics, logic, or expert opinions. Planning could also be applied to the introduction and the conclusion. Indeed, all of the parts constituting an argumentative essay could be planned prior to writing. This step is of great importance for an adequate start of the essay.

Stance (agreement/disagreement)

Another equally-important step that comes just in the preparation phase is to take a stance. In an argumentative essay, you could adhere to one theory, or approach, over the others; making that choice explicit should be decided right from the start. This step is ubiquitous as it facilitates the proceeding. Knowing which opinions represent you and in which position you are in the essay corroborates the argumentation and may influence the reader, eventually. In short, you could either agree or disagree with a certain claim that makes up the topic of the argumentative essay.

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